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Joel Josephs, MBA
Investment Consultant

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My Mom

It has been a little over four months since my Mom passed away. My mother was my last surviving parent. I guess you can say I am now an orphan. I live in South Florida and my mother resided in our family home, on Long Island, that I grew up in. Recently, our family home, which had been in our family for 60 years, was sold, so now I am homeless and orphaned. My mom was in fairly good health most of her 88 years, and rarely was seriously ill. However, her health did start to slowly deteriorat
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Taking Over

About six to nine months before my Mom had become ill enough that she had to go to rehab; I would come to visit her at the family house in NY. I usually came in 4-5 times a year.On this one particular visit, I noticed an abundance of mail on the dining room table. Due to my innate curiosity, I look at a few of the envelops, and noticed that many of them were bills, such as from Macy's, PSEG, the gardener, Rocklyn Oil, and Visa. Upon further inspection, I also noticed that many of them were p
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It Doesn't Get Easier

The way this would work seemed simple enough in the beginning. I would take the bills back with me to Florida from New York, after a visit. I would then log on to our checking account, as my Mom put me on the account with her, and pay bills. The problem was the bills were still going to New York. Once I was back in Florida. I was having my brother copy the bills, and then email them to me. My brother was only going out to my Mom's house about three to four times a month. Thus some bills
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